Home Feature U.S. Congressmen requests Cartels to be placed on “Terrorist Status” in order to combat them on Mexican soil

U.S. Congressmen requests Cartels to be placed on “Terrorist Status” in order to combat them on Mexican soil

by Yucatan Times
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Treating criminal organizations as terrorists would allow military operations on Mexican soil, as is done in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria.

WASHINGTON D.C. (Agencies) – U.S. congressmen are putting pressure on Donald Trump’s government to change the legal status of criminal organizations in Mexico, in order to command military operations on Mexican soil, such as those against terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries, especially in the Middle East and Asia. This began with the massacre of two Mormon families between Chihuahua and Sinaloa, where three women and six children died.

In late October, the Pentagon released videos and photographs of the U.S. elite forces’ attack on Islamic state leader Abubaker al Baghdadi, which ended with the terrorist’s death by immolating himself with explosives. The videos, recorded with a drone, show a group of a dozen soldiers approaching a fortress where the target was hidden, in the Syrian region of Idlib. There are also images of air strikes carried out with F-15s and drones that blew up the building once the soldiers left.

Photo: U.S. Army

The U.S. attack on ISIS leader, was legalized by the government since the group was considered a “Foreign Terrorist Organization”. That’s what Republican congressmen want in Mexico. They support the idea that Donald Trump helps Mexico with military and armament and go further: to wage a “war” on Mexican soil, an offer that has been rejected by the Mexican president.

In an interview U.S. Senator Tom Cotton said: “If the Mexican government cannot protect U.S. citizens in Mexico, in the United States we may have to take things into our own hands”. For the Arkansas legislator, President Lopez Obrador’s strategy “may work in a children’s fairy tale. He added that “the only thing that can counter bullets are more and bigger bullets”. For his part, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he will propose a reform law to qualify Mexican cartels as “Foreign Terrorist Organizations”.

The U.S. Army operates, justified in the “terrorist status” in several countries around the world. It does not have to consult with local authorities when carrying out attacks it considers “legitimate defense” because they are justified in its own legislation as “preventive attacks against terrorists”.


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