TV series “Hernan” fined with 74 million pesos for environmental damage in Xochimilco

Televisión Azteca owned Producciones Dopamine SA de CV, (Grupo Salinas), did not have the corresponding environmental permits for the prouction of the Hernán TV series, premiered on Sunday Nov. 24. This company had to pay a fine of more than 74 million pesos, as they affected almost three hectares of the Natural Protected Area of Xochimilco and San Gregorio Atlapulco, Mexico City (without the corresponding permits).

Hernán, a TV series that is also available on Amazon Prime, is one of the most expensive productions ever recorded in Mexico, according to TV Azteca. The series premiered last Sunday to commemorate the 500 years of the arrival of Hernán Cortés to Mexican soil.

The Mexican producer Dopamine, in association with the Spanish Onza Entertainment, installed since last December a filming set in ejido lands of Xochimilco, in which they built replicas of pre-Hispanic structures.

According to SEDEMA, during the production, an area protected by international organizations and by local laws and decrees was damaged.

Although the Ministry of Environment (Sedema) allegedly closed down the production site, the shootings continued, and the structures are still on site today. Which suggests that a second season of the TV series could be recorded there.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom