There is no money, except… — Opinion —

The plane that brings Evo Morales to Mexico is one of 72 aircrafts that AMLO´s Government has considered should be sold “to ensure austerity in the exercise of public office”. This airplane is a Gulfstream model G550 aircraft, with XC-LOK registration. It arrived in Bolivia yesterday on Monday November 11 and will bring Morales to Mexico, the country that has granted him political asylum.

This aircraft with serial number 5508 is currently owned by the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) and was purchased during the government of former president Enrique Peña Nieto for 54 million 491 thousand dollars, and has been stored at the Santa Lucia Airport.

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has declared in multiple occasions that Government money will not be wasted, which sounds great, except he has a false idea of what “saving” money really is.

Currently in the country it is quite common to hear: “There is no money to promote tourism in Mexico, no money for scientists to continue their studies and/or research, no money to buy better medical equipment or to buy chemo drugs for children being treated in public hospitals, no money to buy vaccines or pay resident doctors better in order to improve their living conditions, no money for the Armed Forces, no money to improve classrooms in rural schools, no money for school breakfasts, or to send aid to a community with murdered women and children”.

There is money for lots of other things. THERE IS MONEY to send an airplane to Bolivia, and bring a left-wing politician close to the Cuban and Venezuelan dictatorship, who wanted to perpetuate himself in power… for that, there´s always money.


Jose E. Urioste
For The Yucatan Times




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