Sustainable “Cenote Diving” Festival looks to boost economy and create awareness in Yucatan

YUCATAN (Times Media Mexico).- Sustainable development and social participation are key to the development of Maya communities, this is why the First Festival of Sustainable Diving in Yucatan will be held from 15 to the 18 November.

Researchers and experts in the disciplines of diving, tourism, marketing, athletics and people interested in the conservation and restoration of cenotes, will jin together to celebrate the First Festival of Sustainable Diving in Cenotes, to be held from 15 to 18 November in Yucatan.

Researchers and diving experts will give free master classes on the importance of caring for and preserving cenotes, as they represent an invaluable cultural and anthropological treasure.

Sanitation and conservation of the cenotes is one of the great challenges in the peninsula, since so far there is a record of 3,400 of these formations, which are in addition to the approximately 5,000 more that have not yet been explored.

The mayor of Tekit, José Armando Medina Koh, considered that the event will be a turning point for the municipality, as it will share with tourists a “taste” of the more than 150 cenotes of the community, of which only six were chosen for diving expeditions.

Anyone who wishes to experience scuba diving or free diving (apnea) in the cenotes of the Yucatan can participate in the Festival, for an additional cost basic courses will be given for those who wish to be initiated in the sport.


The Yucatan Times