Sayachuleb: “bird from the water spring”

“Dzilám de Bravo is a place of natural marvels and beautiful beaches.

It is a historical port as it was there, where the Spaniards headed by Francisco de Montejo landed to begin the conquest of the Peninsula.

Dzilam was also a greater port of Yucatán back in the day when salted meats, tallow, hides and stick dye were exported from the Yucatán to the rest of the world.

There has always been abundant fishing in the nearby waters.

And as a peculiar fact, the tomb of famous nineteenth-century pirate, Jean Laffite is located in Dzilam de Bravo.

And next time you visit Dzilam, don’t forget to take the boat tour departing out of Sayachuleb.


The point of departure is the co-op Sayachuleb (bird from the water spring in Maya), next to the lighthouse by the restaurant “El Fortín de San Juan” (which is a great place to eat fired fish by the way).

This co-op’s guides have ample experience taking care and protecting the wildlife of this place. With their help, you can take an ecotour, go kayaking, camp, fish, dive, and go on a birding or night tour.  All prices are by boat (eight people maximum).

Short tour: fresh water spring, bird nesting area, and cenote. 2 hours, $900 pesos

Regular tour: fresh water spring, bird nesting zone, narrow river, and cenote. 2.5 hours, $1,400 pesos

Long tour: fresh water spring, bird nesting zone, narrow river, cenote, and Las Bocas beach. 3.5 hours, $1,700 pesos.

For more information:

FB: Sayachuleb
Tel. 9991 41 2532