PROGRESO, YUC. (Times Media Mexico).- Progreso has become the first Yucatecan municipality to implement electric carriages. A modern and innovative option to promote ecological tourism, and stop animal cruelty in the state. This type of electric vehicle does not pollute the environment.

At the moment there is only one, as it will be tested for two months and then authorities will decide whether to purchase more units or pitch this alternative, and keep the traditional carriage.

The electric carriage will start operations providing transport service to cruise passengers and its home base will be the local “Casa de la Cultura“, however, the days when no cruise is expected its home will change to “Parque Independencia“.

The vehicle can carry five occupants per trip, in addition to reaching a speed of up to 30 km/h.

The carriage is 100% electric, so it is also an environmental friendly means of transportation. So far it was indicated that it will run along the Malecón and some areas of the port of Progreso.

In Merida

Through a commodatum agreement and with the participation of private companies these electric carriages are expected to operate under a new scheme, and maybe the horse pulled carriages in Merida could be replaced with environmental friendly electrical units in the near future.

The Yucatan Times