October, second bloodiest month of 2019

With 2,304 homicides related to organized crime, October became the second most violent month of 2019, with a total of 20,000 murders.

The total for the month of October is only 0.6 percent lower than September, but the figure is 95.9 percent higher than that recorded in October 2018, when the count totalled 1,176 executions.

Just two monthsaway  from the end of 2019, 18,724 homicides have been committed in the country, 17.8 percent more than the total registered last year, when there were 15,887.

During October there was an average of 76.8 homicide victims per day, and clashes between police officers or members of the Mexican Army and armed groups became more frequent.

Among the events that marked the month of October is the ambush that members of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation perpetrated against state police officers in Michoacan’s municipality of “Aguililla” on the 14th, when 14 agents died, one of them incinerated. Just that day, 106 executions were registered nationwide, which made it the most violent day of this month.

And of course, October 17th 2019 will be always remembered as the day of the “Culiacanazo”, when the Mexican government was forced to release the son of “El Chapo”, as members of the Sinaloa cartel took over the city, as they evidenced the weakness and vulnerability of the current administration.

The Yucatan Times