Local authorities are not willing to allow any more armed robberies in Merida

The Public Security Secretariat is not willing to allow armed robberies in Yucatán, since two have happened in less than a week.

Last week, a lonely criminal assaulted a convenience store located next to O’Horan Hospital. And tow days ago,  another armed robbery took place in one of these stores, this time in the Yucalpetén neighborhood.

A strong search operation was conducted in the western part of the city, but so far no arrests have been made in relation to this incident.

The robbery took place on Saturday November 16th, around eight o’clock at night,  at the “Oxxo”, located on the corner of Avenida 128 and Calle 58 B, in Yucalpetén. According to the police report, the robbery once again, was committed by one single thief.

The information obtained indicates that the subject verbally and with a knife in hand, threatened the Oxxo supervisor, grabbed the money from the cash register, and fled the scene of the crime by foot, towards the 128 Avenue.

Police and State Attorney General’s agments arried onsite minutes later, and proceeded to interrogate the employees.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom