Lend a hand for “Canelo”, a Mérida dog in need

Facebook user Carlos Vivas published in his personal account the story of “Canelo”, a dog with a broken leg who went and sat at the doors of a renown company in Yucatan, where he was found and then taken to a temporary home.

“The surgery has a cost of $5,500 pesos  ($275 USD), and should be done immediately, in addition to the hospitalization, since the canine needs a recovery time of about five weeks”, said the man showing images of the dog and the X-rays.

The cases of dogs that need help and love just wont stop in Yucatan, as has been demonstrated in social media in Merida, where they ask for support to save ´the dog’s paw.

Canelos X-Ray clearly shows a fractured left leg (Photo: Facebook)

For further information  regarding “Canelo” and donations to this cause please contact Ale Sánchez at 999 129 2407

The Yucatan Times Newsroom