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In almost one year, López Obrador presidency is a trainwreck -Opinion-

by Yucatan Times
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La Silla Rota – We are just a few days away from López Obrador’s government first year. So far, Mexico is left with nothing but a trail of democratic destruction, ungovernability, violence, crime and economic failure.

Not a single one of the promises of the most voted candidate has been fulfilled and none of his projects, programs and government actions against violence, crime and unemployment have worked either. The price of gasoline has not gone down and living standards of the population have improved even less.

On the other hand, the economy is dragged into recession, unemployment is frightening and the number of deaths is equal to that of a war. In addition, MORENA the group in power is the victim of a scandalous moral defeat that leads it to defend, as a victory, the violation of the Constitution and its laws.

What happened to the Mexicans; why did they vote for the worst candidate? Why is that even with hard cold numbers 5 out of 10 Mexicans still believe in the president of failure?

Failures, defeats and scandals.

1. The greatest failure yet -because it was López Obrador´s greatest promise- is violence and crime. AMLO’s first year will end with more than 35,000 victims; a figure worse than that of a war. Last Friday Tamaulipas was the scene of that war and in Michoacán a new massacre was reported.

2. The failure of the fight against criminal violence is followed by economic failure. Mexico will end with zero GDP growth, which drags other parallel failures such as impoverishment and more violence.

3. According to INEGI, in the first 11 months of Obrador’s government, more than 2,500,000 jobs were lost, out of the 4 million that Obrador promised to create.

4. The criminal violence and stupidity shown in the demolition of the new CDMX airport caused the complete loss of confidence to invest in Mexico.

5. The small-nearsightedness regarding the airport gave way to other three potential failures being promoted: Santa Lucía airport, the Tren Maya and the Dos Bocas Refinery. Those are the last nails in the coffin of the Mexican economy.

6. Personal vendettas led López Obrador to destroy the public health system, now collapsed. In a matter of months experts predict a total collapse with thousands of dead, among the poorest.

7. The same revenge led Obrador to collapse the educational system, which privatizes education. Why? Because every parent, seeks to have its children to the best possible schools, which nowadays are private.

8. The depredation of the budget and the fall in the quality of education also reaches public universities, condemned to economic misery which, whether we like it or not, will translate into educational misery.

9. In economic matters, devastation is just beginning to be seen; public investment fell 14%; private investment fell just over 13%, foreign direct investment plummeted 34%. What does that mean? Total failure, unemployment, poverty, hunger, disease and more violence.

10. According to INEGI, for the first time in the last decade, consumption has fallen, another sign of unemployment and social impoverishment.

11. But that is not all. The three industrial branches that pull the economic development collapsed; the automotive industry fell 8%, tourism 2%, the construction industry almost 30%. Just to cite those cases.

12. AMLO’s government not only failed to contain violence and crime; it not only destroyed the economy, health and education but, above all, it is destroying democracy. Is trying to end the division of powers and today it has in one fist the Three Powers of the Union; Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

13. In addition, it illegally colonized autonomous organisms such as the CRE and the CNDH, and is in total control of the INE and the Electoral Tribunal.

14. In only one year, López Obrador has destroyed more institutions than any president; he dismantled a good part of Mexican democracy and advances, with giant steps to establish a “one man power”.

15. Without counting on the moral defeat of AMLO’s government. His secretaries of State and legislators, at every chance they have, they violate the Constitution and its laws without any remorse.

16. López Obrador hasn´t fulfilled not even one of his campaign promises: to lower the price of fuels, not to use protection or bodyguards, to sell the presidential airplane, to create one hundred universities, to create 4 million jobs, economic growth of 6 percent… the list goes on.

At almost one year into government, it is clear that López Obrador’s government is a of failure; the worst government in history and that it not only leads to economic ruin but also to the barbarism of violence and, above all, to the authoritarian government of only one man.

And that, here and in China, is called dictatorship.

Time will tell.

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