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Have A Wet Basement? Here Are Ways to Waterproof It

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Having trouble with a wet basement? Here are three sure-fire ways to carry out basement waterproofing.

Three Main Methods to Wet Basement Waterproofing.

A wet basement is one of the terrifying experience for homeowners, and no one wants to hear about it. Basements are vulnerable to water leaks and moisture accumulation, which can lead to many problems in your home. Flooding basement is an annoying thing, and no one wants to experience this in his or her home. A damp or leaky basement can result in serious problems in your home, such as structural instability, mould and mildew development, and insect infestation. Mould and mildew can take a toll on your health and that of your family member.

So, it is essential to pinpoint these problems and curb them before they take a toll on our homes. One of the best ways to prevent water damage to the basement is carrying out basement waterproofing. When you hire professional wet basement waterproofing contractors, they start by identifying the cause of the problem, clean the affected area, and then apply the sealant to waterproof the area and make sure it remains dry forever. With basement waterproofing, there is no single solution that is recommended to fix all the issues. The approach used depends on the severity and the nature of the damage. The cause of water leakage, whether internal or external, also are essential aspects considered when choosing the kind of wet basement repair approach to employ.

  1. Interior Sealants.

Even though interior sealants are not commonly utilised as basement waterproofing tools, they can be utilised as temp material to maintain your basement dry. These materials are made to make sure that the atmospheric humidity level in your home remains low. Utilising interior sealants in wet basement repair prevents your basement floors and walls from absorbing the moisture. Moreover, it can also prevent moisture from spreading to the other areas in your home.

  1. Interior Water Drainage.

This is so far the most dependable wet basement waterproofing approach. Building an effective interior water drainage can prevent water build up in the basement area, drifting water from the foundation of the structure and away from the basement floor. Installation of the interior water drainage takes only a day or two, and are not expensive when compared with the exterior basement waterproofing mechanisms. That brings us to the next wet basement waterproofing method.

  1. Exterior Basement Waterproofing.

This method of wet basement repair is an expensive and quite extensive approach used by contractors. It is normally utilised during the construction of a new house. This approach is meant to protect your home from water damage, especially that enter through the porous building blocks. It involves the use of polymers and membranes to cover the exterior walls. Polymers are some of the best waterproofing materials that stand the test of time and usually recommended by contractors. However, they are not recommended on the already built home since they can disrupt and clog drains, hence hindering their effectiveness.

  1. How to Select the Right Basement Waterproofing Method.

There are various things you should consider when considering to carry out wet basement repair. The first thing on the list is the cost.

Cost is a major aspect for many people because wet basement waterproofing comes along with a hefty cost. Some homeowners go for interior sealant as a short term solution until they save enough money to choose better basement waterproofing options such as internal water drainage.

However, apart from the price, other factors come in handy when choosing a basement waterproofing method. The durability of the method you choose. Basement waterproofing experts recommend permanent options since they are cost-effect over the long-run. For instance, you can choose an interior drainage system along with other methods such as basement dehumidifier and sump pumps. This offers an excellent combination of long-term waterproofing.

Before making any step in your wet basement waterproofing, first, consult with a certified professional basement waterproofing firm and let them assess your basement. It is also essential to research more about wet basement repair to make the right decision. So, go to Youtube and watch as many tutorials as you can find and also read blogs about basement waterproofing. Knowledge is power, and this will ensure that you are making the right steps in every decision you make for your home.


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1 comment

Taylor Hansen June 15, 2020 - 2:27 pm

It’s good to know that interior sealants keep the humidity level low in a house. Since I just moved to a new house, I want to waterproof the basement as we start to fill it out. I’ll be sure to call a professional to see what my options are for waterproofing.


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