Evo Morales using Bodyguards that were refused by AMLO

MEXICO CITY(Times Media Mexico).- Evo Morales, Bolivia´s expresident, is receiving security measures that not even the president himself, AMLO receives.

Security closely follows and assures for his safety, the same ones that protected Enrique Peña Nieto during his term.

Yesterday, 24 hours after his arrival, with more than a dozen guards at his disposal, a large contrast could be seen between him wearing jeans and a shirt, and his bodyguards sharply dressed surrounding him.

Back in 2018,the guards under the command of a general, placed themselves under the orders of López Obrador and offered to take charge of his personal security “on the direct instructions of then President Peña Nieto”. However the presidential guards were surprised when Andrés Manuel’s response was kind but forceful with his words, saying: “Thank you, but we don’t need your services”, he refused the service as he felt it would distance him from his followers.

The Yucatan Times