Developer Grupo Aura to invest 2.75 billion pesos in 4 projects in Yucatán

The real estate conglomerate Grupo Aura has announced that it will invest 2.75 billion pesos (US $143 million) in Yucatán over the next five years.

The company cited security, development and economic growth in the state for its decision to build four properties, two of which will be located in Mérida.

CEO Gregorio Adrián Zamora Flores said the state’s initiative to drive development in re-industrialization, sustainability and industry 4.0 were reasons for deciding to invest in an interview with the newspaper El Economista.

“Yucatán is a beautiful state. It has everything, and what stands out most is security. There are several factors in our decision to invest, such as its push for economic development that aims to attract the best international companies focused on sustainability,” he said.

“. . . we did a series of in-depth studies and analyses across the country and we saw the growth in the state. It will continue to grow,” he added.

Grupo Aura has begun work on its Smart Luxury Living concept development in Mérida, Yuc.

Zamora also explained that the four complexes will be smart structures, meaning they will be focused on taking care of the environment, and will also have systems that will ensure they are energy efficient.

The structures will be built using Bubbledeck technology, a construction method that reduces the amount of concrete necessary by injecting air pockets into slabs using “bubbles” of recycled PET plastic. It lightens the structure and insulates it from heat and noise.

“We will also use PEX tubing, which leads to lower amounts of bacteria in the water. It’s a new material that doesn’t require solvents or adhesives in the connections. We’ll also use solar panels and cellular concrete,” Zamora added.

Source: MND