Boa constrictor specimen captured in Umán’s baseball field

UMÁN, YUCATÁN.— Civil Protection staff of Umán attended an emergency call, denouncing the discovery of a boa constrictor specimen in the Wílliam “El Campeón” Ruiz baseball field.

Young baseball players and their parents econutered the snake crawling across the field. They obviously got frightened due to the size of the reptile, an immediately called the emergency number 911.

Staff of Civil Protection arrived on site minutes later to take charge of the situation.

After the reptile was captured unharmed, it was transferred to the Zoological Park of El Centenario in Mérida for later relocation.

“It is necessary for people to know that the rains and lack of vegetation in some parts of the state, cause many animals to end up in neighborhoods and housing zones, so we ask the people not to kill these animals that are essential for the ecosystem, but instead, call Civil Protection to capture and relocate them, said Juan Antonio Puc Maldonado, Uman’s Director of Civil Protection.