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5 amazing facts about jaguars you probably don’t know

by Yucatan Times
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These big cats (largest in the American continent), are among the fiercest apex predators in the world.

Jaguars Can Roar But Not Purr

According to Discover, jaguars cannot purr like cats. In fact, they’re not the only ones with ability to let our a ferocious roar but not purr; lions, tigers, and leopards can’t purr either.

All of these cats belong to the Panthera genus and are able to produce roars thanks to a ligament taking the place of the epihyal bone within their voice boxes. Because a ligament is flexible, it can be stretched to let these animals belt out a wide range of roars.

Chemical scents from female jaguar transmit to male’s mouth into Jacobson’s organ

Jaguars and Roses

Guess what jaguars have in common with roses? The spots covering jaguars are called rosettes because they resemble the shape of the flower. The difference between a jaguar and a leopard, who both have rosettes, is that jaguar rosettes feature a spot at their center while leopard rosettes do not.

Front and hind legs of jaguar are shorter in comparison with other big cats

They Live in Unexpected Places

These big cats don’t just reside in jungles. Jaguars can be found across North, Central, and South America. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll run into one during your daily trail run—their numbers are so low that they’re classified as an endangered species.

In 2016, footage of a jaguar roaming the Santa Rita Mountains in Arizona was released that showed the majestic creature in stunning clarity.

Look at tail tip of jaguar in the leaves as it marks territory by spraying urine

Jaguars Are Great Swimmers

Jaguars dispel the myth that cats don’t like water. These guys are great swimmers and move quite deftly in water, especially when they’re hunting. And jaguars don’t let prey size affect their hunting, as evidenced in the video, the big cats will go after crocodiles among other tough-skinned and shelled animals such as turtles.

In fact, jaguars are apex predators and have no predators of its own in the wild, only humans who have hunted them to near-extinction for their fur.

Jaguar held up tail out of water

Black Jaguars Still Exist

Black, or melanistic jaguars are anomalies in the animal kingdom. The creatures get their darker coloring from high melanin levels resulting in darker pigmentation on the skin and fur. Melanistic leopards also exist and look almost identical to black jaguars. Even though black panthers technically don’t exist, melanistic jaguars and leopards usually get mistaken for them.


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