Yucatán advances towards the use of clean energy

Yucatan continues to make large steps in the use of clean energy and the protection the environment, now that the “Lázaro Cárdenas” solar plant, from the Alter EnerSun company, in the municipality of Peto, started operating.

This renewable power plant, will provide 60,000 Yucatecan homes with power, this project was inaugurated on Friday by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and director of Alter EnerSun, José Luis Morlanes Galindo.

Yucatán to be hub of renewable energy in México
Photo: Google

With an investment of 38 million dollars,it is conceived to generate 60 Gigawatts (GW) a year, which will help prevent the emission of 43 tons of carbon dioxide into the environment. In the construction phase of the plant, 200 jobs were generated and 10 were created for its operation. If all of these are completed, they will add an estimated 3,400 Megawatts of pure clean power, however the investment will be of approximately 4,5 billion dollars.

The Yucatan Times