Spectacular photograph shows Progreso’s “different kind of beauty”

MERIDA, YUC. (agencies).- Mexican photographer Santiago Arau posted an image on his Twitter account showing how beautiful the port of Progreso, north of Yucatán, is from an angle that is rarely photographed.

Yucatan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in Mexico, this is not only stated by the state and federal authorities, but also by Mexican and international tourists once they set foot on Yucatecan soil.

Although we are accustomed to seeing photographs of archeological sites, postcards of colonial cities, exotic wild animals in nature reserves, images of the city’s urban beauty gradually have come up to light.

In that sense, photographer Santiago Arau posted on his Twitter account a snapshot of the city of Progreso, under the title “Puerto Progreso 2019,” an image that shows a “different” kind of beauty.


Although at first glance it looks like Cancun (or even Miami), the reality is that this is an image of the city of Progreso under a sunset that is about to end and where public lighting provides the photograph with a fascinating garnishee.

Espectacular fotografía demuestra lo hermoso que es el puerto de Progreso, en Yucatán
Spectacular photo of Mérida by Santiago Arau


Santiago Arau, a professional Mexican photographer, and author of this beautiful portrait of Progreso, has been recognized for his photos of cenotes, the archaeological zone of Mayapán and the urban zone of Mérida.

The photographer mentioned on Twitter that some of his work will be exhibited at the “Peninsula. Symbolic Cartography”, exhibition that will be inaugurated in November at the Palacio Cantón.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best postcards that has been made of the port, where in the distance you can see the high quay, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Cienega that divides this port city.

With this type of images, Yucatan confirms that its beauty is not only in the archeological sites, but also in its urban zones.

The Yucatan Times

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