Seer predicts meteor fall near the Yucatan Peninsula

The famous seer and clairvoyant Mhoni revealed her predictions for this month of October, among which she highlighted an asteroid that will impact the Earth near the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Latino fey unveiled the future ensuring that this is the month of meteorites and volcanoes, and that today, Thursday, October 3, a celestial body could fall near the Caribbean Sea, close to the Yucatan Peninsula.

The prediction coincides with what was said by NASA days ago, as the National Aerospace Agency warned about the unusual proximity to Earth of an asteroid, the “FT3”, which travels at a speed of 80 thousand kilometers (50 thousand miles) per hour.

However, Mhoni said that the celestial body does not represent a risk to Mexico and much less will cause the end of the world as many have feared.

The fortune teller added that a second meteorite will fall this month, which will impact Russia, and stated that it will have consequences, although she did not give furter details.

Finally, she predicted the fall of a third meteorite, which would affect Chile, Argentina or Ecuador.

Mhoni Vidente

The Yucatan Times Newsroom