“Poor fool, naive charlatan” José José lyrics reflect Mexico´s reality

There is NO economic growth, but José José has had his goodbyes from “his” people.

No, the insecurity crisis has not been solved either… In fact the highest record numbers have been registered during this administration, but MORENA´s government in CDMX already paid tribute to the Mexican “prince of song” José José in “Bellas Artes”.

No, it has not been possible to start building the airport, but José José neighbors from the Clavería locality sang to the artist ashes.

In a quick move, the federal government and the capital city focused on a high priority issue: to fix the problems among José José descendants, bring the artist remains back to Mexico from Miami and honor José José in every imaginable way… As an example, Claudia Sheinbaum current head of CDMX government didn’t even remotely show up during the taxi drivers’ chaos, but she was right there in the front row of the honor guard. How´s that for a priority.

AMLO, had to leave a meeting with U.S. legislators who could unlock the approval of the T-MEC to take a commercial flight that cannot be delayed… but he sent an Air Force plane with Sergio Mayer (yes, the guy in congress that also is a stripper) to bring the princely ashes.

The strangest thing was to see the digital strategy promoted from bot accounts related to Lopez Obrador and MORENA, to impose as trending topic the tributes to José José, using: #JoseJose #JoseJoseEsDeMexico #JoseJosePorSiempre


It seems AMLO´s government thinks that each one of us, the citizens, are like the great performer used to sing: “Pobre tonto… Ingenuo charlatan” (Poor fool, naive charlatan)


J. Argáez
For The Yucatan Times