For years, The Yucatan Times have chronicled the savage struggle among Mexican drug cartels for control over the lucrative drug trade. The conflict has left hundreds of thousands of dead, paralyzed cities with fear, and spawned a culture of corruption reaching the upper levels of the Mexican state… Today we say, Mexico has no president, we, the People, are alone.

Since López Obrador became president, Mexico more than ever has become an unruly place and its almost 90 million civilians who didn’t vote for him, have become “inferior” class citizens. In AMLO´s Mexico, if you are not with him… you are against him.

Most recently AMLO´s discourse has centered on excuses, blaming the former presidents for the drug trade and the violence associated with it. No one disagrees with him, except that he became president because Mexicans wanted, demanded a change… that he is not fullfiling.

Mexico has major problems of drug-related violence and crime, yet his discourse distorts and misrepresents the country, spouting lies such as the people “being happy, happy happy” “hugs and no bullets” to turn around and have his party push a law that insides directly to business people, treating them worse than criminals. With AMLO´s law, you are guilty till proven innocent.

Now, López Obrador has done the unthinkable… he ordered security forces to “save lives” by releasing “El Chapo´s” son, Ovidio Guzman, after his brief capture in Culiacán. Cartel gunmen on Thursday surrounded security forces in Culiacán, Sinaloa state, and made them free the drug lord’s son Ovidio Guzmán López after his detention triggered raging gunbattles and a prison break.

Lopez Obrador excused his coward behavior by saying “The capture of one criminal cannot be worth more than the lives of civilians,” forgetting the number one rule of law enforcement. “The State never negotiates with criminals”.

Lopez Obrador has “opened a can of worms”, where he has shown organized crime, they can do whatever they want against the Mexican State without any consequences whatsoever.

All that AMLO has shown at this almost first year of government is to be a big bully kid, who picks on the weak that cannot fight back, such as those against his policies yet, like the coward he is, fears those who can hit back, such as the narco. AMLO´s purpose has become extremely clear… to justify his economic paternalism failure and his relationship with those that can be translated into more votes.

The Mexican State is dead… we have no president, we are all alone.

Post Scriptum.
There was a time when the United States were our allies and friends. Now the dominant discourse in the United States regarding Mexico and the discourse in Mexico regarding the United States is not of allies, nor friendships. Both presidents are too selfish and with no interest in alliances.

In the current state of events, in other times, Mexico and the US would have worked together against the narco menace. This is the past.

Mexico is an unruly place and its citizens are drifting towards an extreme violence scenario, without any security. Mexico has serious problems of drug-related violence and crime, and yes… we are alone.


José E. Urioste for The Yucatan Times
Merida Yucatan, Mexico
Octubre 18 2019