CELESTUN(Times Media Mexico)—The problem with pollution in Yucatan is a problem that affects people and wildlife , and that was something that Yucatecan photographer Elías Uc decided to portray, who shared a sad image of Celestún.

The photographer, who is originally from the municipality of Umán, uploaded to his Facebook page “Elías Uc Fotografía”, an image of flamingos walking in a swamp full of garbage, product of human activity.

Another picture of an animal endangered by human pollution

This image is a clear example of the contamination that exists in the bodies of water of Yucatan, and although it is not the first time that something like this has been detected, it is more and more frequent to find animals among the garbage.

The Photographer titled the image “Beauty among garbage,” which was taken in the municipality of Celestún, west of Yucatán, this month and shared on Facebook on Oct. 16.

The Yucatan Times

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