Did you know that 34% of the food that is produced in Mexico is lost or wasted? That equates to 20.4 million tons of food that is wasted each year. This large amount of food waste can have significant implications for the environment, economy, and society.

So how is Mexico trying to reduce their food waste and what can you do to help prevent this terrible waste?

How is Mexico Trying to Reduce Food Waste?

WRAP Global have been awarded $100,000 USD to help tackle supply chain food loss and waste in Mexico.

WRAP Global is a sustainability organization which aims to help people live longer and more sustainable lives, while reducing food waste.

The funding, which was awarded by Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030, will assist organizations such as WRAP, Walmart Mexico, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and the Mexican government, to measure, register data and reduce food loss.

The funding also aims at recovering surplus produce, which will then be sold or donated to those in need. Reducing food waste in this way, will help to deal with poverty, whilst ensuring greater sustainability in Mexico.

A web platform has been developed as part of the project which is known as the Ecudi. This app was designed by a graduate from the Technological University of Mexico (Universidad Tenológica de México: UNITEC), with the goal of improving the food supply chain and reduce waste by 50% while promoting fair trade for local farmers.

What Can You Do to Reduce Food Waste?

If you are worried about the amount of food you waste on a regular basis, then there are many different ways that people and businesses can significantly reduce their food waste:

  • Create weekly food plans, so that you only buy and use the ingredients that you need. This can also help you save a lot of money on your food shopping and can help reduce how much food you waste.
  • Consider investing in a vacuum packing machine. These devices are designed to store food in air-tight bags, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and to keep your food fresh for a longer time, without losing the nutrients. A vacuum packing machine is great for preparing your food for the week ahead.
  • Use best before and expiration dates as guidelines. Instead of assuming your food can’t be used because it isn’t in date, check your food to see if it can still be used. If the food can’t be used it will smell and might not look so good, so rely on your senses to determine whether it is still edible and useable.
  • Find zero waste markets. If you also want to reduce your plastic waste, then zero waste markets are a definite must. Merida opened its first zero waste market in February this year, make sure you check it out.


The Yucatan Times