On October 4, the Grotto Festival was held in Tekax, Yucatan, which for three days offered tours of caves in different zones of the southern part of the state, in addition to cultural and gastronomical events.

Participants had the opportunity to tour six of the more than 200 caves in the municipality of Tekax, and they were also able to purchase packages to visit the Maxcanú and Chemax caverns, but in all cases the starting points is Tekax, which already has specialized guides.

The festival was officially presented at the Tekax Yucatecan Gastronomy Museum, where all the tourist options offered were in display. In addition to its architecture, Tekax has adventure, ecological and cultural tourism, featuring an attraction in which visitors can learn how the modern Maya communities live in the middle of the Yucatan most representative jungle.

In its territory Tekax has extraordinary caves, such as one where marine fossils that exist since the time of the ancient Mayans are protected, which preserved them intact because they considered that place sacred and mystical.

Tekax is located 126 kilometers (82 miles) south of Merida (INEGI)

The festival was held in Tekax the first days of October with a wide gastronomic offer, which went from traditional Yucatecan food to international fusion cuisine trends.

Four hotels are currently available in Tekax, in addition to inns and camping areas. The hotels have all the services, such as air conditioning, hot water, parking lot, room service, TV, WIFI, etc.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom