Grave robbers and delinquents defile Mérida’s public cemetery

MÉRIDA (Times Media México)—Without any respect for the remains of honorable people who have left this world, delinquents have dedicated themselves to vandalize and destroy some of the tombs of the General Cemetery of Merida, as revealed by one of those affected by this situation.

This has caused Professor Patricia Pat Canul to experience pain, anger and importance every time she visits the graves of her loved ones, as she discovers that the graves have been irrationally vandalized.

Photo by: La verdad

The college professor expressed her annoyance for the most recent desecration of the tomb of a family, from which, out of evil, even the plastic flowers in the vault were torn out.

Photo by: La Verdad

Last Friday October 26th, Professor Pat Canul went to the cemetery and noticed that someone had broken the lock of the vault where she keeps religious images, which were stolen, probably to be sold in the black market to “sacred art” collectors.

In the same way, Pat Canul highlighted the abandonment of the General Cemetery, showing that the corridors are full of garbage, a reflection of the lack of hygiene in these places of eternal rest, which should be kept clean all year long and not only during the Day of the Dead festivities, which take place once a year.

The Yucatan Times

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