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Cannabeer, the first beer with cannabis for sale in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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After three years of analysis, Mexican authorities allowed the product to be sold in the domestic market.

MEXICO – Since last January and after a long process of approval by the Mexican authorities, Cannabeer, the first beer with cannabis was released to the Mexican market.

Interviewed by the Milenio newspaper, Angélica Gálvez, part of the team responsible for selling the product in Mexico, said that for three years authorities carried out various procedures to rule out that the components of beer include THC or CBD.

Gálvez emphasizes that “Cannabeer”, contrary to what could be believed of a drink that is made with hemp seed, does not provoke effects that alter the states beyond the one generated by the alcohol contained in the same beer.

The product is originally from Valencia, Spain and Gálvez explains that this product is not the same as marijuana, although both are of the species of “sativa cannabis”. The hemp does not contain THC, the psychoactive substance.

Hemp seeds (Shutterstock)

Hemp seed has several benefits
Angélica Gálvez  explained that the hemp seed is known for the benefits it provides, such as a high protein content, essential amino acids and three groups of omegas, which qualified this beer as a healthy drink.

The product has been manufactured in an artisanal way for five years in Valencia, however, in order to enter the Mexican market, several permits were needed, and it took over three years for these to be issued, and finally, it was determined that the drink does not represent any health risk.

Thus, Cannabeer, became the first cannabis product in the country, which can already be found in some restaurants and specialized establishments, as well as online.

Initially there will be two types of Cannabeer, a brown ale and a blonde ale.

It is important to mention that currently the Mexican Legislative Power, is discussing diverse subjects related to the opening and legalization of marijuana and its derivatives, and even, in past days a proposal was presented so that a government owned company, would be the only one entitled to buy, sell and regulate the products.


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