Federal police block access to CDMX airport for 5 hours

October 4th.- After five hours of blockade, a group of 400 federal police officers released the lanes of Mexico City’s Circuito Interior, right in front of the Mexico City International Airport main access, which they had blocked as a protest against their incorporation into AMLO’s National Guard.

With banners in which they asked for the support of society before their demonstration, the police agents assured that there are still pending settlements for those who do not want to be part of this new public security corporation.

The Secretary of Citizen Security said the federal police officers “refused to talk with colleagues from the SSC”, so he could not negotiate with the protesters, and obviously many passengers lost their flights.

The Airport reported on an official Twitter account that operations continued normally and offered passengers transfer between the two terminals.

In relation to the blockade, the Mexican airline Interjet announced that it will forgive charges for changes and difference in air fares between October 4 and 11, “considering that the change must not exceed the validity of the ticket.”

The statement explained that in case of having additional flights (returns or conections), the tickets can be changed or adjusted without charges until October 18.

“If you want to change the route, the corresponding charges will apply. For subsequent changes, the corresponding charges must be paid, ”the company published in a statement, indicating that there will be no refunds, except for passengers with Priority fare.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom