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5 Tips to Offering Your Employees a Competitive Wage

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As a business owner, how can you tell what a competitive wage is for your employees? Here is how to find out and keep them happy.

Are you a new business owner ready to grow and scale your business? Then you know you can’t do it alone and need to hire skilled employees.

Talented, experienced workers can grow your business in ways you could never imagine. They’re a valuable investment that’ll pay off in the future, but you need to offer a salary that’ll make them choose you over other companies.

If you’re in doubt, research the salaries of your competitors’ employees and see if you can match or exceed them.

Here are 5 simple tips to offer your employees a competitive wage that’ll keep them happy and motivated.

  1. Do Research on Industry Standards

If you’re not sure how to pay employees in a small business, do research on the industry standards. Learn about different positions, job levels, and average salaries in companies similar to yours.

There are also legal requirements and labor laws to comply with, so bear this in mind before you hire anyone. 

  1. Calculate How Much You Can Afford

Once you’re familiar with the average pay data, calculate if you can afford it long-term. If you need employees to grow your business, calculate the return on investment for each position.

How much time will they save you? Will they make drastic changes to the business and bring more money? What are your hiring and onboarding expenses? The answers to these questions will help you prioritize during the hiring process.

  1. Make an Offer

Once you start interviewing candidates, this is a great opportunity to learn what salary they expect. If you can’t get an exact number, ask for a range, and try to find out what current benefits they get.

This way, you’ll get a clear idea of the total budget you’d need to meet your employees’ expectations. Then, you can make a realistic offer that both sides will be happy with.

  1. Use Pay Stub Calculator Tools

One of the easiest ways to calculate an employee’s salary is by using a small business owner salary calculator. This is the quickest way to find out what the average salary is in your city, state or country, so you can plan wages accordingly.

There are many free online tools you can use to calculate wages and even make a pay stub online for your employees.

  1. Consider the Fringe Benefits

When considering how to pay employees a fair wage, don’t forget about the fringe benefits that come with the job. They’re things you offer in addition to the salary such as workers’ compensation, health insurance, paid vacation time, and social security.

Benefits are important to employees, so consider how much they cost you and balance them out with the salary amount.  Offer Your Employees a Competitive Wage with the Help of These Tips!

Your employees are an investment in your business growth that can take it to the next level. Offer your workers a competitive wage and try to line up the numbers with your competitors whenever possible.

A happy employee is a successful, motivated employee, which will result in a successful, thriving business.

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