Yucatecans have shown little (or no) interest in belonging to the National Guard

Yucatecans have shown little (or no) interest in belonging to the National Guard, two months after the call to recruit candidates was opened, military personnel in Mérida revealed.

According to data collected in the information modules, installed in the San Juan and Eulogio Rosado parks, military personnel indicated that out of every 10 people who have signed up to be shortlisted, only one is from Yucatan, the other nine are from other states.

“The people of Yucatan do not have much interest in belonging to the National Guard, or to the military forces. In fact, most of the young people who sign up to perform the three-month Military Service are from other states,” said the officer, identified only as Sergeant Angel, who is one of the officers responsible for providing information to at the “Eulogio Rosado” park National Guard module.

Sergeant Angel said that very few people have registered with the National Guard, despite the advantages it offers, such as economic security and the possibility of developing professionally within Mexico’s armed forces.

He commented that people, once they have all the documentation requested and that they meet certain requirements, are subjected to an assessment at the Infantry Battalion located on 42 South Street, to deterine if they are physically and mentally qualified to belong to the armed forces.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom



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