Tropical Storm Imelda forms in the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Depression Imelda Drenching the Upper Texas Coast, Poses Dangerous Flooding Risk.

  • Imelda will produce heavy rain the next few days in parts of Texas and western Louisiana
  • This rainfall could trigger flooding in eastern Texas, despite initially dry soil conditions.
  • Flash flood watches are posted for a part of the upper Texas coast, including Houston, and for a portion of southwestern Louisiana.

Tropical Depression Imelda will deliver rounds of heavy rain to parts eastern Texas and Louisiana the next few days, including in the Houston metro area, triggering flash flooding.

There is a high risk of excessive rainfall for the upper Texas coast Wednesday into Wednesday night, according to NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center. This highest threat level for heavy rain and flooding is only issued about 15 days per year in the United States (2014-2017).

Source: Weather Channel