The Buying Power of Bitcoin – 5 Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

Are you wondering what you can buy with Bitcoin? The following are 5 things that allow you to tap into the purchasing power of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

5 Things You Can Easily Buy With Bitcoin

If you’ve been paying attention to the stock market, you’ll notice that cryptocurrency has been slowly but steadily gaining traction over the past few years. Bitcoin is one form of cryptocurrency which has taken the market by storm. Cyrptocurrency has usually been overlooked because it’s non-tangible.

Does it have any real-life value? What can you buy with Bitcoin? As a non-tangible commodity, Bitcoin has surpassed all expectations in terms of performance. It’s an asset that is completely virtual, yet its value rivals that of gold. Slowly, it’s grown from a hobby stock into one that has made people millionaires overnight.

The Value of Bitcoin – BTC

One major issue with this stock is that it’s a particularly volatile asset so its value can change at the drop of a hat. 2017 was a year where it faced many ups and downs. Despite this fact, many big businesses believe that Bitcoin has finally matured and developed stability.

On August 30, 2019, one Bitcoin was valued at *$9,578.95. Data shows that Bitcoin is expected to continue growing in a healthy manner.

Bitcoin value chart showing the value of 1 Bitcoin on 30th August 2019

*Note: Bitcoin values can change daily. Please check the stock market for the latest value before making any financial decisions relating to the Bitcoin.

The Buying Power of Bitcoin – 5 Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

This also draws attention to the buying power of the Bitcoin. Its popularity has slowly led to worldwide implementation. In the past, you would be hard-pressed to purchase anything of real value with a Bitcoin.

A big question that most people had relating to Bitcoin was what can you buy with it? Today, the question has been rephrased. You should ask yourself what you can’t buy with Bitcoin. As the value of the Bitcoin reached parity with the US dollar and gold, its buying power has also gone up with time. Today, the sky is limit.

No, really. You can buy almost anything with your Bitcoins, especially given their high monetary value. So, if you’re wondering about what you can buy with Bitcoin, the following are the top 5 things you can get.

1.      Gift Cards and Goodies

Shopping for the perfect present for loved ones? There’s no better option than getting them a gift card for their favorite retailer. Sites like eGifter and Gyft give you the freedom to buy gift cards with Bitcoin. There is even a fake id that accepts Google Play E-codes. These gift cards are also available with dollar values so they’re definitely useable.

If you want to other goodies to buy with Bitcoins, you can head to Overstock. Considered to be the direct competitor to Amazon, the site is hailed as the first online retailer which accepts Bitcoins for all purchases. Other sites like Reeds Jewelers give you the freedom to pick luxury accessories like jewelry, loose diamonds, and watches.

2.      Pizza, Food, and Drinks

If you’re feeling hungry, there’s good news. There are different platforms where you can buy with Bitcoin. One of the most popular platforms is Bitcoin Carnivory. They offer premium quality Angus Beef steaks, delivered to your doorstep.

If you’re looking for tasty beverages, BitCoffee lets you get frappes, espressos and even smoothies. They’re all paired with a delicious pastry and space for you to relax and unwind. They accept three different types of cryptocurrency as payment, including Bitcoins.

Not in the mood for steak? Get yourself a good pizza from different pizza platforms. It’s also said that in 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz ended up buying two pizzas from Papa John’s for 10,000 Bitcoins. In 2010, this was considered a fair exchange. On the other hand, today, 10,000 Bitcoins are equal to $95,742,900.00. It’s fair to say, those are very expensive pizzas.

3.      Plane Tickets or Hotel Accommodations

Planning to travel? Book plane tickets, hotel accommodations or even tours with Bitcoin. Sites like Expedia, Cheap Air, More Stamps Global, and Virgin Galactic give you the freedom to buy with Bitcoins. In cities like Las Vegas, you can also find many restaurants, gift shops and even front desks that readily accept Bitcoins as payment.

Similarly, there are also different ATM services such as Bitcoin ATM that are designed to help you access your digital funds with ease. Traveling just became a whole lot easier because you can leave your physical cash behind. All you need is your digital wallet and you are good to go!

4.      Computers and Electronics

Looking to upgrade your electronics or your computers? Bitcoin can also be used to buy here. Dell announced in 2014 that their online retail stores will allow users to buy with Bitcoin. At the time, it was the biggest electronics company to do so.

Today, more electronics retailers have started to allow purchases with Bitcoin. An online store called BitDeals. It’s completely dedicated to offering electronics, including computers, home appliances, storage devices, and core components as well as home networking and office solutions.

For gaming enthusiasts, BitDeals also offers console and PC games and accessories. Microsoft has also started accepting Bitcoin payments which means that users can purchase games, apps, and accessories for their Xbox and Windows devices.

5.      Real Estate

Thinking of purchasing or investing in real estate? Why don’t you buy with Bitcoin? The real estate industry is also opening up to the use of Bitcoin. It has been reported that many Chinese investors are using Bitcoin for their real estate purchases, especially in Silicon Valley.

Additionally, more real estate is being developed with the use of cryptocurrency. The Aston Crypto Plaza is luxury apartments in Dubai, created by the British Baroness Michelle Mone. Interested people can buy apartments using Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Another real estate agency, The Crypto Realty Group offers its clients the freedom to buy luxury real estate and property with the help of cryptocurrency. Given their success, it’s evident to see that you can buy any luxury property you set your eyes on.

These are only some of the things that you can buy with Bitcoin. As the world adapts more to make room for cryptocurrency, you can expect to see more businesses make room for this asset.


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