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The 3 best toy museums in the world… One is in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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There’s plenty of family-friendly attractions that you and your children can enjoy in Mexico, but if you want to educate them then you might consider taking them to a museum.

And what do children love more than toys? There’s endless hours of fun to be had exploring some of the best toy museums in the world, and one of the best is situated in Mexico City.

Keep reading to discover some of the world’s best toy museums and see what they have to offer.

Why Should You Visit a Toy Museum?

“Toy museums all over the world have taken families by storm and are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. They offer something for everyone; both child and parent,” says Alejandro González, a spokesperson from Zonapadres, “And the good news is that there is one right here in Mexico. Not only that but Mexican Antique Toy Museum is considered to be the second best toy museum in the world”!

Parents get to take a walk down memory lane and see some of their old games and toys in the museums. Whilst children get to play and learn about the old and the new toys. Parents can even share their passion for the toys and games that they used to play with their children.

Families can spend several hours, if not the whole day in these museums, which is ideal for dull and wet days.

Toy museums have vast collections of toys, some which are on are on display and some which can be enjoyed and played with by your children.

Your day might look a little something like this: a beginning of disbelief at how many toys are all in one place, followed by hours of playing and learning, with a snack break incorporated in between to keep your little ones energised.

Best Toy Museums in the World

Children love nothing more than to whizz around on tricycles and play new and old games, which gives you the perfect excuse to revisit your childhood whilst you marvel at the vast collection of toys in front of you at one of these greatest museums:

  1. Banned Toy Museum

In the Burlingame area of California, in the US, you can find the Banned Toy Museum, which is home to toys which were released and then banned from being sold again. This unique toy museum has an array of items that were banned because they were too dangerous.

  1. Mexican Antique Toy Museum

The Mexican Antique Toy Museum, in Mexico City, is one of the most beloved museums in Mexico. The museum has an impressive collection of toys that are on display, including permanent exhibitions, such as the Mexican Wrestling Hall and the Mexican Toy Industry, and temporary exhibitions, such as Snoopy Collection and Barbie Collections.

  1. The World’s Largest Toy Complex

In Branson, Missouri in the US, you can find over one million toys that are on display and that can keep the whole family entertained. The whole family can spend hours enjoying popular brands such as Disney, Marvel, and Barbie, and also exploring other toys such as lunch box collections and cast-iron toys.

Check out There’s just too much to explore in Yucatán to find local wonders that you and your children can enjoy.


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