MÉRIDA Yucatan – For this afternoon, strong to very strong local storms (50 to 75 millimeters) are forecasted in the northwest, east, center and south of Yucatán.

This would be the effect of a low pressure channel extending from an unstable zone in the center of the Gulf of Mexico.

Strong winds
The Yucatan Peninsula Agency of “Conagua” indicated that these storms would be accompanied by intense electrical activity. There would also be gusts of wind with possible effects of turbulence, up to 50 kilometers per hour.

The federal agency urged the population to take the necessary precautions, as well as be aware of reports from state and municipal Civil Protection authorities.

For the rest of the state  25 and 50 millimeters of rainfall is expected, very similar to those recorded in much of the entity last weekend.

High temperatures and moisture content in the environment will continue to favor a strong effect of “hot vapor” in urban concentration areas due to cement, construcction and deforestation.


The Yucatan Times