Reforestation operation in Tulum carried out to fight beach erosion

TULUM, Q. Roo.- “The reforestation of sand dunes in all beach accesses is a permanent task carried out by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp), in the Tulum National Park”, said the director of that area, Fernando Orozco Ojeda.

“This work was carried out in the Pescadores and Playa Maya beach dune areas, spaces that were recently closed to the transit of motor vehicles and that will remain that way for as long as necessary”, we will also place trash cans in all Tulum beaches to prevent plastic from being dragged into the sea. It is a way of inducing visitors to separate waste and not to litter”, he stated.

“Reforestation with mangrove and chit trees, in addition to other native plants, prevent beach erosion as they keep the sand in place”, he said.

“For this reason, national park personnel grow endemic plants in a nursery next to the main offices, in order to relocate some of these specimens to the areas that have been most affected by erosion in recent years. The transport of sand made by the wind is avoided with the planting of endemic species, as it is currently done, which is favoring the conservation of sand dunes”, he added.

“These areas are being protected, and access has been restricted during the process of reforestation in order to guarantee recovery. Playa Pescadores is one of those areas in recovery and in custody in seasons of high influx of visitors”, declared Orozco Ojeda.

“Playa Maya is another point of protection of dunes, where motor vehicle access has been restricted too, in order to facilitate the reforestation with mangrove. The area known as “Mezzanine” has also been considerably deteriorated  with the sargassum removal maneuvers, but we are currently working on its recovery”, Fernando Orozco Ojeda concluded.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from Conanp