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Poc Chuc Festival to take place in Maní, Yucatán on October 26th

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On Saturday, October 26 of this year, the Poc Chuc Festival will be held for the first time in the municipality of Maní, Yucatán.

Through the Facebook page Póok Chúuk – Gastronomic Festival, details of the event that will take place on the central esplanade in front of Mani’s municipal palace, have already begun.

The word Poc Chuc, comes from the Maya poc (toasting) and chuc (charcoal), is a traditional Yucatecan dish, featuring pork meat marinated in sour orange and cooked on the grill. It is usually accompanied with a side of rice, purple pickled onions, beans and avocado.

The Origins of Poc Chuc

The Maya are known for producing and controlling the salt production long before Spain tried to conquer the Americas. They used salt to preserve meat with water.

When the Spanish arrived they brought pork, garlic, onions as well as Seville oranges and domesticated animals. The Maya soon realized that instead of preserving pork with just salt, it was much tastier with the Seville oranges.

Today the recipe varies, you can use pork leg, loin or shoulder. Some people still bathe the flattened pork in a salt wash before adding the Seville oranges. Others serve it with cabbage.

Salt was very important to the Maya and still is today in cooking.

Pork in Yucatán is almost always cooked over a wood fire or grill. Poc chuc, or póok chúuk in Maya literally means toast over wood coals. So poc chuc is most commonly pork, but you can also find versions that use chicken or even fish.

The festival adds up to the different events that have been promoted in different towns across the state, such as the recent Salbut Festival in Seyé, the Panucho Festival in Valladolid and the Chicharra de Xcalachén Festival.

No more details about exhibitors and additional activities have been given so far, but there is already a date, place and time, so now you know… save the date, Saturday October 26, drive to Maní, and enjoy a large sample of dishes in this town, famous for its grastronomy, that is located 96 kilometers south from Merida.

Mani is located 96 kilometers (60 miles) south from Merida (INEGI)

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