People prey on beer that fell off a truck on Periferico

On the morning of Thursday September 12th, thousands of canned beers fell from a truck that was heading south on Mérida’s Periférico, right next to the Ciudad Caucel bridge, where the beer boxes ended up scattered on the asphalt.

After the accident, motorists and pedestrians started preying on the product that was lying on the highway, but SSP police officers, some of them heavily armed, arrived on site and arrested some of those who intended to steal the beer.

According to the police report, the truck was circulating on Periférico, when suddenly the canvas opened and the beers fell.

Minutes later, people emerged out of nowhere, trying to take advantage of the situation as they began to seize the Tecate Light beer boxes.

SSP agents arrived, took control of the situation and prevented people from continuing to steal the beer.

Source: Por Esto