NGOs, private initiative and civil society unite and join forces to create a change in Holbox

It is estimated that 8 million metric tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year. Ocean currents have formed five gigantic slow-moving eddies where plastic accumulates, called “turns”. Most plastic waste sinks or remains in the turns, however, a significant percentage of them are dumped daily on the coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula.

On August 27th, a group of volunteers from Holbox joined together to clean their beaches, on the big island, and inside the Yum Balam reserve. This effort has the purpose of taking care of the nesting areas of the hawksbill turtle.

During the day, 150 kg of waste were recovered, which were transported to the sanitary collection center on the mainland in Kantunilkin.

On this occasion the effort was coordinated by the initiative of Parley Mexico, an NGO that seeks to clean seas, islands, mangroves and beaches around the world, aiming to reduce the impact of plastic waste that affects coastal ecosystems.

Yum Balam Reserve in Holbox Q. Roo. (PHOTO:

Globally Parley was born 5 years ago and is made up of a network of experts from more than 10 different countries. This organization has managed to create chains with companies that not only support cleaning, but use these recovered plastics to give them a second use, among them are global companies such as Corona and Adidas.

Parley applies most of its efforts in areas in and around islands, which is why this was the second time that they prompted a cleanup on Holbox Island, with the intention of creating a bond with local groups, and try to generate greater awareness in the huge importance of caring for the environment.

Hotel Las Nubes de Holbox. (PHOTO:

That is why the hotel Las Nubes de Holbox has joined this effort, in addition to the monthly cleaning that its team of volunteers already does when seeking a common purpose, the cleaning, care and appreciation of Holbox and the Yum Balam Reserve.

Other collaborators such as the Area of ​​Protection of Flora and Fauna Yum Balam, CONANP, Pronatura Yucatán, Wayuú House, Moguel Tourism, Holbox Ecological World, Maya Hotel Residence and the Holbox Hotel Association have joined this effort coordinated by the NGO.

With the acronym “AIR” which stands for Avoid – Intercept – Redesign

  • Avoid (reduce and replace)
  • Intercept (collect and recycle)
  • Redesign (create an industry with new standards)

That is the kind of approach with which Holbox once again demonstrates commitment to its island and its natural environment.


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