New collaboration between Dr. Marina Aguirre and MEL

The Board of Directors of the Merida English Library, I want to take this opportunity to announce our new collaboration with Dr. Marina Aguirre. Dr. Aguirre holds a PhD in History and uses her expert knowledge and passion for the history of art and culture in Mexico to take others along on immersive journeys around the country.

Beginning in November, Dr. Aguirre will be organizing a series of themed lectures pertaining to Mexico, its culture and history. MEL is delighted to be working closely with Dr. Aguirre, who has always been one of our best-loved lecturers, usually with a full house. We are also excited about tying in her lectures to our existing MEL collection on Latin America and Mexico.

In addition, Dr. Aguirre has pledged to donate a portion of the profits from her next four trips in 2020 exploring the creative and historic wonders of Mexico. As a show of gratitude towards her generosity, MEL will be sharing the details of these trips with our members through our newsletter and social media.

We want to have full transparency about this collaboration and are happy to answer any and all questions from our members and the community at large. Further, we want to add that this donation will be made directly by Dr. Aguirre and will not affect or increase the already set pricing of her trips in any way. We appreciate Dr. Aguirre’s generosity of knowledge and resources, and we are excited to see what marvelous places we will explore together.


Greg Casini, President of the MEL Board of Directors

The Yucatan Times Newsroom



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