Mexico’s government to invest MXN $3.5 billion for the maintenance of the AICM

While the project of Santa Lucia’s airport settles, Mexico’s government is planning to invest MXN $3.5 billion to improve Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

The amount is 23 times bigger than what was considered in the budget for the current year.

According to the project of the 2020 Expenditures Budget of the Federation, there are eight proposals of investment for both terminals of AICM.

The project that will require more budget is the relocation of the facilities of the National Defense and Navy Ministries to another space within the same polygon of the airport to improve their efficiency, which will cost MXN $2,142,312,000.

The electricity substations of the AICM will also be refurbished; 85 electricity substations capsuled in SF6 gas will be purchased, the main function of which is to separate, transform, measure, and distribute electricity to power systems. This project has been assigned MXN $553,684,821.

And to improve the movement of aircrafts in both terminals, an exit bay and an extension of B1 taxiing will be built, which will allow airplanes to pass each other when they perform movements before or after launching or landing, to get in position or to get to the terminal building. For this bay, MXN $438, 553,000 are destined.

They have also considered to refurbish, equip, and distribute the toilets of terminals 1 and 2, besides building two new groups of toilets, for which are assigned MXN $51,095,000.

Improving the terminals and refurbishing the toilets is a necessary maintenance because the airport is the entrance door to Mexico.

Another investment project is the construction of the “L” hallway to transform the seven remote positions that provide the boarding and descending of passengers, with a telescopic hallway.

The “L” hallway will be used as a connection between lounge 75 with the remote positions 75 to 81, and, basically, to prevent passengers from using a bus from the terminal to their airplane. For this, MXN $144,547,959 will be used.

Source: El Universal