Frida Kahlo Foundation launches new line of makeup inspired in the Mexican artist

The Frida Kahlo Foundation is partnering with U.S. cosmetics retailer Ultra Beauty to launch a line of makeup inspired by the iconic Mexican artist.

And yes, in case any is wondering, the line includes an “eyebrow palette” that could be used to reproduce the well-known unibrow that Kahlo herself confidently showed in self-portraits.

The foundation said it wants to encourage women “to embrace their own unique beauty,” adding “Kahlo was well-known for highlighting and embracing what made her unique – inside and out.”

Kahlo’s fame has grown in recent decades and now may surpass that of her famed husband, the mural painter Diego Rivera. She died in 1954.

Previous attempts to market Frida merchandise, like a Frida doll launched in 2018, have met with controversy.

Source: PVDN