Eight businesses have been suspended in the last 15 days due to excessive noise

Mérida Yucatán; September 11, 2019 (ACOM) .- At least 8 businesses have been suspended for violating the Regulation of Ecological Equilibrium of Mérida in the last 15 days, as part of the campaign against noise pollution in the state capital, reported the City of Mérida.

This is part of the work carried out by municipal authorites to reduce the noise levels in the city.

The Ayuntamiento de Mérida has requested businesses to measure their decibels to avoid any infraction, and according to the secretary Alejandro Ruz Castro, visits have been made to several establishments, and in some cases the inspections have ended in suspensions.

He recalled that he has worked with restaurant workers and local musicians, who in some cases, have shown resistance to comply with the regulation. However, in general there is good acceptance of the regulations implemented by the municipal authorities.

“There is no resistance or affectations. It is a regulation that attacks the issue in an integral way, especially for those businesses that take out their speakers and and play music at loud volume in a totally indiscriminate way,” Ruz Castro concluded.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from Ayuntamiento de Mérida