Home Feature Do you know why Turkey has become a popular “Medical Tourism” destination?

Do you know why Turkey has become a popular “Medical Tourism” destination?

by Yucatan Times
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Turkey has rapidly gained popularity over the years for being one of the best destinations for medical tourism, but why is that? With a number of amazing states of the art medical facilities as well as a highly trained workforce, there are a whole number of reasons as to why medical tourist are flocking to Turkey for popular cosmetic procedures. In this article, we will be exploring some of the reasons for this gain in popularity allowing you to make an informed decision that is right for you.

Investments In Medical Infrastructure
One of the biggest reasons why Turkey has become so popular with medical tourists is the investment in the infrastructure particularly in the medical sector. With a number of accredited hospitals providing costs that rival thfue hair transplant reviews turkey has to offer, as well as reduced costs for other popular cosmetic surgeries, it has become a popular location for those looking to reduce a surgery cost. It is important to note that this investment has been made in both private and public-funded infrastructure giving you the perfect medical facility with reduced waiting lists.

It’s A Geothermal Country
In addition to the outstanding medical facilities that can be found here, the country of Turkey is the fourth Geothermal country in the world. This is great for medical tourism as warm water is used in medical procedures. This warmer climate, combined with the highly qualified workforce, is the perfect way to ensure that you have the best possible results with experienced medical professionals without paying a small fortune. In addition to the highly developed plastic surgery industry, there are also some of the worlds best hospitals specialising in cardiology transplantation and a number of other procedures.

Surgical fees are lower in Turkey
In addition, there is the benefit of reduced medical fees for the medical professionals operating in Turkey that comes as a benefit to you as the consumer.  It has been proven that the surgical fees in Turkey are 50-60% lower in Turkey when compared to the prices of the EU and US and therefore draws a large number of people here every year for a number of medical procedures. Though these prices may be significantly cheaper than the EU or USA prices, it is important to note that you will not be compromising on quality as a result.

Leisure Activities
Once you have undergone your chosen surgery, Turkey also has a number of leisure activities for you to enjoy such as scuba diving, golf, air sports and even spending time on a yacht cruising the open water. This, therefore, allows you to make a holiday out of your trip allowing you to bring the family along. If you are planning on making a holiday out of your medical tourism trip, you will need to organise your own accommodation for that part of the trip to ensure you and your family have a comfortable place to stay.

Whether you are lo0oking to make the most out of a trip to Turkey or you are looking to travel for medical tourism only, you can be sure you will gain access to some of the world’s best medical professionals when travelling here.

Will you be travelling abroad for your surgery?


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