Dead turtle found stuck inside a tire in Chicxulub

Through its Facebook page, an animal protection organization called Áak Kuch Kin announced the unfortunate death of a sea turtle, which was found inside a tire on the Yucatecan coast.

“This poor turtle was found on Sep. 16th near Chicxulub. This is so stupid and unnecessary for this creature to have to suffer and be killed in this way. Please dispose of the trash properly! THE GARBAGE DOES NOT BELONG IN THE OCEAN! “says the publication.

The question remains whether the animal died inside the tire or its dead body was placed there.

Last July, dozens of baby turtles that were close to hatching were crushed by a bulldozer that moved through an area of nests in Uaymitún.

The events occurred at the height of the ABC entrance, at kilometer 10.8 of the Progreso-Telchac Puerto highway and the photos were viralized on social networks.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom