Armed men tried to stop bus bound to Mérida departing out of Bacalar

BACALAR.- A group of people traveling on board a tourist bus, bound for Mérida Yucatan, was the subject of an attempted assault by armed individuals operating on motorcycles and trucks.

The incident took place at midnight on Thursday September 19th, on the Chetumal – Merida highway, 100 meters away from the junction towards the town of Dos Aguadas, municipality of Bacalar.

Due to the above, elements of the Municipal Preventive Police of the municipality of Bacalar and the State Rural Police (PRE) went to the site and when they arrived they observed that on the main street of the town of Dos Aguadas, a bus of the company AutoTour, marked with number 717 was parked, and the passengers were lined up outside a house.

On the site the police interviewed the bus operator, who said he was returning from Chetumal with approximately 30 people who had attended an event in the state capital.

Upon entering the road to the town of Dos Aguadas, after having advanced approximately 100 meters, a motorcycle with two subjects stopped him, one of them threatened him with a firearm to stop his march, but the driver ignored him, continued driving, but just a few meters ahead other individuals, aboard a van, threw stones and tree logs to the road to stop the bus march.

Thanks to the maneuvers he made, the driver dodged the logs and stones, and prevented the passengers, but the bandits, realizing that they would not achieve their objective, fled the scene empty-handed.

The operator did not stop his march until he reached the town of Dos Aguadas, with his passengers safe and sound.

Finally, once the police had the description of the criminals, they immediately deployed a search operation in the area with the intention of locating and stopping them, but no arrests were made.

This is the second similar incident in the last month, since a week ago a group of at least 15 hooded subjects raided a tourist bus that departed out of Chetumal at dawn and was heading to Merida, with passengers who had made purchases in the Belize “duty free area”. The subjects stopped the vehicle, went on board, and obtained a loot of more than two million pesos.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom (With information from From Cero Noticias Quintana Roo)