CDMX, México. – The biggest concern expressed by Yucatan businessmen who met yesterday with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the capital of the country, was the sufficient supply and quality of natural gas for the Yucatan Peninsula. They expect this to become a reality in than a year.

Also, the Yucatan businessmen inform the President about 52 investment proposals and requested his help to unlock the resources to get the projects going.  The businessmen announced to the President the plans in which the Yucatan private sector will invest this year and the other, more than $81 billion pesos.

Nicolás Madáhuar Cámara, former president of CONCANACO and coordinator of the meeting, indicated that the President was asked to intervene to unlock projects stuck by social issues, in particular 24 related to renewable energy.

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal expressed on Twitter his gratitude to López Obrador for receiving the businessmen. “In Yucatan we know how to unite and make our voice heard to solve our demands. Dialogue and coordinated work are the best way to move forward,” wrote the state leader.

Yucatan is currently one of the fastest growing economies in Mexico.


The Yucatan Times