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5 Ways to do International Business

by Yucatan Times
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Business owners are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase their profits and revenues. And yours should be no different. One way that you can grow your business and succeed is by doing business with people and businesses overseas.

“Mexican businesses are embracing international business opportunities and as a result, a lot of them are experiencing high growth,” says Valentina Huertas, a spokesperson from ZONACABALLEROS, “International business is completely achievable for businesses of all shapes and sizes, you just need to find out what works for your business.”

Some of the largest Mexican businesses are known for their international business affairs, but there’s no reason why smaller businesses can’t have a piece of that action too. International business isn’t something companies should be afraid of, it should be something they embrace.

So if you’re thinking about taking your business international, here are X ways you can achieve that.

Attend Networking Events

Networking events within your industry are a great way to connect to more people and even find like-minded business professionals who are looking to expand. You can find networking events in your area or even overseas that you can attend. From there you need to make sure you know what your business is and how to sell yourself to potential business partners.

Don’t Forget Your Culture

Your culture is very important to how you do business and is what makes your business personal to you. Don’t forget to show international business partners this side of you. Mexicans are known for being big on family, so before a big meeting why not break the ice by talking a bit about your family and then why your business is so important to you and them?

Make it Personal

The businesses you’re reaching out to will probably receive many business opportunities, so a good way to stand out from the crowd is by making your approach personal. It is easier to send a quick email to potential business partners but it’s much more personal and will be more memorable if you send them a letter and include a personal touch, such as a sample of your products or services.

Be Available

The internet has made it possible to do business and connect with people from all around the world, so make sure you’re available. Find out what channels and video conferencing tools the businesses you want to work with use and start using them yourself. Communication is key with international business and can save a lot of money on travel.

Learn the Language

Learning the language of the countries you wish to do business with is crucial to the success of your negotiations and business deals. It will show your potential business partners that you’re dedicated to their business, culture, and values. There are many effective shortcuts to help you learn a new language. Alternatively, you might consider hiring a translator who can help you negotiate your business deals.


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