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4 Effective Shortcuts to Learn a New Language

by Yucatan Times
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If you find learning a new language a bit daunting, then no worries our guideline will surely help you. Some people think by just taking some language classes they will be able to understand and speak a new language. But it is a wrong concept because it is not enough. To get command over a foreign language requires patience, effort, and persistence. But with few changes in your learning you may be able to pay more attention and focus on achieving fluency.

When I arrived in Italy, I could barely speak with people in a local language. After two years, I could speak Italian fluently. Today I can speak five different languages. I am not claiming that it was an easy experience but yes, I have learned some hacks and shortcuts to make it easy.

Here are my tested and tried tips for boosting your learning speed.

1.      Speak With Natives

If there is any shortcut of learning a foreign language, then it is a conversation with the people who are better in the target language. An hour of conversation with native people is better than spending four to five hours in a language class or with any language book.

Conversation with native people gives a motivation to learn new phrases and words. When you listen to a new word, you try to convert it into your first language to understand the meaning for this purpose you visit translator online. Next day you make your full effort to use that word or phrase in your conversation.

The other reason is that when you use new words in conversation, you’re more likely to memorise them as compared to reading or staring at the words.

2.      Make a Vocabulary List

When you hear a new word, you may remember it for a day or two, and then you’ll forget. But the best way to memorise is to make a list of new vocabulary words because new words come in such quantity that it is hard to remember them.

Try to use new words in your conversation, so you don’t forget them easily. The more you speak new words, the more you’ll be able to memorise them.

3.      Movies and Dramas Can Help You

When you are keen to speak a new language, you try hard to make it possible as soon as possible. Movies, especially with subtitles, can help you a lot more in achieving your target. It is not always as easy as we understand, but you can make it easily possible by watching movies in the target language with subtitles.

You can also consider listening to songs in a new language, but it didn’t work for me because I’m too bad at understanding lyrics. But some people have told me that the lyrics of target language help them, so that’s why I’m considering it.

4.      Try to Think In the Language You Want to Speak

I know it is difficult, but seriously it’ll work. Even if you only know a few words make it possible to use them. Sometimes translating a sentence of the target language into your first language can lead to an unnatural and awkward sentences. 


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1 comment

Veronika April 18, 2022 - 7:17 am

I completely agree with you that in order to fully practice learning a new language, you need to practice it with a native speaker. But first of all, you still have to learn it at least to a basic level. Now there are many cool solutions that will help you make it easier, this resource https://www.alifbee.com/en/for-business helped me a lot.


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