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Yucatan on alert due to the “black mosquito” transmitter of deadly virus

by Yucatan Times
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MERIDA Yucatan, Mexico. – The Health Secretariat has declared an alert due to the presence of black mosquitoes found in Yucatan.  Health officials are warning the population about the presence of the ” black mosquito” a transmitter of a deadly virus that can cause “Eastern equine encephalitis” a virus that affects horses, but can also be transmitted to humans.

The Yucatan Health Secretariat reported that the “aedes taeniorhynchus” mosquito is becoming more common in the state of Yucatan.  The state agency reported that so far, black mosquitoes have been found in the state, but there have been no specific cases nor fatalities from the disease.

According to the Pan-American Health Organization, the so-called “black mosquitoes’ disease” is transmitted when it bites birds carrying the virus, then affects horses, humans and other mammals by biting them.

This means that the virus is only transmitted through mosquitoes. People and horses do not transmit it directly.

“We have seen the presence of this mosquitoe, although not as broadly as it has occurred in other parts of the country, but we should not wait for this to grow to take action,” said the head of the Department of Vector Control, Jorge Palacios Vargas.

He affirmed that the actions have already been taken to reinforce and expand the control measures.

Equine encephalitis
Equine encephalitis is the inflammation of the brain and may not show symptoms until it causes the death of the animal or infected person.

Some of the symptoms may be confused with those of influenza: headache, muscle pain and hallucinations, loss of sensation and paralysis or stiffness, speech or hearing problems, nausea and vomiting, and irritability.

According to specialists, there are no vaccines against this disease, because the best way to avoid it, is to prevent the transmitting mosquitoes from biting.


The Yucatan Times

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