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Yucatán is all about Cochinita, papadzules and panuchos

by Yucatan Times
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When one thinks of a trip to the Mayab Lands, the exquisite Yucatecan food comes to mind. And is not for less! Yucatecan cuisine has its origins in the traditional cuisine of the Mayans with some Spanish ingredients.

Their dishes are well known for their particular aroma and flavor, because they come prepared with condiments such as oregano, sour orange, cilantro and different types of chili mainly. Other ingredients are the famous “recados”, which are a kind of pasta with which they give a very characteristic flavor to meats, such as the black message or the red message among others.

The messages are simply several species of condiments and ground and mixed chiles that form a paste, and that are the main base of many Yucatecan dishes.

So in addition to a trip through the incredible jungle landscapes of Yucatan, cenotes, archaeological sites, cities and towns, I recommend you to enjoy a culinary journey through the beautiful land of the Mayans:

The Cochinita Pibil


Throughout Mexico, cochinita pibil is the most famous dish of Yucatecan gastronomy. It is a mestizo dish, although its origin is in the prehispanic and basically is pork marinated in achiote. According to 1900 recipes, it should be prepared in a banana leaf and in a ground oven.

It is accompanied with purple onion, a habanero chile sauce and is generally used to make tacos or cakes. There is! did my mouth water?


papadzules yucatecos

If there is an ingredient that can not be missing in any Yucatecan cuisine, this is the nugget. The papadzules are like a kind of enchiladas but Yucatan style. They are prepared with a sauce of green pumpkin seeds and epazote. It is a soft, creamy dish with a very good aroma.

The sauce is the main thing in the dish and the filling of the tortillas is cooked egg and bathed in tomato sauce. Some prefer them with chicken, cheese or pork.

Yucatecan Panuchos

Yucatecan panuchos

They are traditional Yucatecan appetizers, you can find them practically in any food stall in Yucatan, the ingredients can vary according to the taste of the person who prepares it and even the customer, but the basic ingredients are refried tortillas, beans and purple onions.

The tortilla is stuffed with beans, and then fried, topped with the chicken, tomato sauce and onion, accompanied with lettuce, cheese and avocado to taste.

Source: https://www.mexicodestinos.com


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1 comment

Esther Harris September 2, 2019 - 9:38 am

It is great the great number of dishes that Yucatan offers, I spent a week and each meal was different and tasty.


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