“With great power, comes great responsibility” (Your friendly neighborhood Spider Man)

Some people are practically “everyday superheroes”, as they strive day to day to give the best of themselves to the people around them, and with small details they seek to make great changes in the lives of others.

This is the case of the Yucatecan oncologist nurse, Henry Villarreal Escamilla, who wears the mask of “Spider Man”, and becomes a superhero everytime he has to pay a visit to a child, and this way he makes them happy, and also makes sure they take their medication.

“We’re talking about children who suffer from some type of cancer, some of them remain hospitalized during long periods of time and many of them need to go through chemotherapy, among other procedures, so it is always pleasant for them to receive a visit of “Spidey”, which brights up their day, at least for a brief moment”, Villareal Escamilla said.

“I love my job, to take care of the children, to be able to see them happier, and helping them forget (at least for a while), that they are in the hospital or under medical treatment. I disguise myself as a superhero because children accept me better this way, and in many cases, it’s the parents who ask me to approach their children, ”he added.

The UMAE in Mérida is a Third Level hospital, which offers services for the care of pathologies of high complexity. Currently, it covers the attention of IMSS beneficiaries of the entire Yucatan Peninsula (Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo), including some from the state of Tabasco as well.

Nurse Henry Villarreal Escamilla, UMAE IMSS Mérida.
The Yucatan Times Newsroom

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