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Violence, unemployment, economy and Pemex: “the other data” from AMLO (Video)

by Yucatan Times
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The president on several occasions has refuted the figures made known by the dependencies, arguing he has his own, on this occasion we compiled some of them:

CDMX (El Universal) – On Thursday August 1st, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador rejected the report of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), which details that there is an under-exercise of expenditure by 174.4 billion pesos and clarified that he has other data.

“I have other information, I have information that it is OK to exercise the budget,” said the president during his morning conference.

However, it is not the only time that the Executive in Chief claims to have information different from that presented by different government agencies. EL UNIVERSAL on this occasion takes on “the other data”, “the other figures” or “the other information” President López Obrador supposedly has.

Homicide/Violence figures
A few days after journalist Jorge Ramos was released after being arrested in Venezuela on May 12th, during the morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was questioned by the journalist about crime levels in Mexico.

At the conference, Ramos harshly questioned the president about the increase in the number of homicides, where, according to information obtained by the journalist, 8,524 Mexicans had been murdered during the first three months of AMLO’s government, and that if this were the case, “2019 will be the bloodiest and most violent year in Mexico’s modern history”. Ramos claimed.

“No, I have other information,” was the president’s response, inviting the journalist to analyze and compare his data with his; at the same time making clear his commitment to lower homicides.

During his June 20 press conference, López Obrador was questioned about the hard data affecting the Mexican economy, such as unemployment. At that time the president argued that: “If you see the press you can have an idea that things are not right in the economy of the country. I have other information, it’s part of my job”. “I have other data” — AMLO said regarding the fall in employment.

Lopez Obrador said: —“if you read the press, it will give you an idea that things are not well in the economy of the country, but I have other information. I have information that a lot of investment has come to the Mexican Stock Exchange, a lot of foreign investment, I have that information. We are going to present my report on July 1st and then I can give an answer about what is really happening in the economy,” said the president.

The low production of Pemex
After it was announced that the crude production of “Petróleos Mexicanos” would have decreased 10% during the month of May, on June 25 López Obrador denied it and said he was calm since the fall in the production of Pemex had stopped. “I have other information and production is stabilized,” said the president after ensuring that the rescue of the state-owned company is being achieved.


To be continued…


The Yucatan Times
Newsroom with information from El Universal

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